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Your roof is an extremely important investment. It protects your family members,your valuables or your workers from the worst elements. Yet it’s inevitable that your roof will eventually need repairs or complete replacement – sometimes due to the effects of time and other times from the destruction of severe storms.

Whatever the cause of the issues, you need to contact a local, experienced roofing company to take care of them. Mike’s Roofing has been the area’s go-to contractor for residential and commercial roof replacement, repair and installation needs for over 15 years.

A Great Building Starts With What's on Top

Mike’s Roofing in New Mexico believes that a solid structure always begins with the roofing system. Something as seemingly simple as a leak can lead to reduced energy efficiency and an increase in the potential for roof failure as well as other hazards like fires and shock.

That’s why our professionals take their job so seriously – from the first consultation to the beginning of the project to post-installation follow-up. We will always provide you with the highest level of service and put your satisfaction first. All Mike’s Roofing products are backed by some of the best warranties on the market, protecting your investment for years to come. Let us talk about your roofing, gutters, siding and more during our free inspection and consultation.

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Our services

When you work with Mike's Roofing, you’ll not only get the best products and services, but also superior warranties to protect your investment.

Roof Repair

Every roof will reach the point where a small fix can no longer stop the leaks, but it should take many years to get to this point. However, residential and commercial owners can hasten this end by failing to perform adequate roof repair and maintenance.


When it’s time for a roof replacement, the thought can be daunting – oftentimes because the roof has caused other problems, and replacement is a major expense.
Get top-quality installation of the most popular roofing material in NM.
We’ll inspect your roof and provide you with a unique solution. We’ll even talk to you about financing options to suit your budget.
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